Electric Water Heater Installation Replacement Arvada CO

In Arvada, CO, homeowners have options for the type of water heater they want to have installed in their homes, and many choose an electric water heater. Whether it’s a new build or an old unit replacement, our company has the experience to get the job done right.

Electric Water Heater Installation and Service in Arvada, CO

Arvada, CO homeowners rely on our business for their electric water heater needs, including installation, maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Electric Water Heater Installation

Electric Water Heater Repair

Installing an electric water heater is a complex project that should only be done by a qualified professional. Proper installation is essential to maximize the life of your water heater, as improperly installed units will not function properly.

Just because your electric water heater is not working correctly does not mean it’s dead or can’t be used any more once fixed. A thorough inspection and troubleshooting by a professional plumber will reveal precisely what is wrong with your device. Our team of expert technicians can thoroughly inspect what’s wrong with your electric water heater and repair it the same day!

Electric Water Heater Replacement

Electric Water Heater Maintenance

Unfortunately, your electric water heater has a limited lifespan, usually no more than 15 years (although some manufacturers claim it’s closer to eight to 12 years). When it is time to replace it with a new unit, a qualified professional from our company will remove your old unit for you and install the new unit that you need.

Schedule an annual inspection with us to make sure you get the most out of your electric water heater. When our professional plumbers perform regular maintenance and inspect your water heater, they can find minor problems and fix them on time before they become major problems.


How much does it cost to repair the water heater?

Average Cost To Repair A Water Heater. The average cost to repair a broken water heater is $483. Most homeowners pay between $244 and $576 to have their broken hot water heaters fixed.

Do you call a plumber to fix a hot water heater?

When it comes to hot water coming out of your faucets and showers among other systems, plumbers are the best professionals to call for the job. As it pertains to the problems that hinder a water heater in its ability to do its job, there is more than one problem that may arise.

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