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As homeowners, few things can be more upsetting than a malfunctioning water heater. We rely on these systems to work properly in order to maintain an adequate amount of hot water that runs through our showers, washing machines, and even our dishwashers. And if something goes wrong, have a new one and run to Arvada Hills for your water heater installation.

We aim to provide the best quality services to our clients with utmost professionality, efficiency, and reliability. We understand how problematic it can be when our water heaters stop working due to old age, leaks, or any other problems you may be experiencing. Whether you need a new water heater installation or some help with maintenance, you can trust Arvada Hills to help keep your home and family comfortable. 

Services You Can Count On

A water heater that is not installed correctly can result in water damage, scalding temperatures, or even a fire. That’s why installation is best left to professional plumbers who know the ins and outs of your plumbing system. Especially if something goes wrong resulting in severe water damage and flooding in your home. Luckily, our plumbing pros in Arvada Hills are here to help.

No matter if you’re looking to save some money and reduce energy costs or if you’re simply wanting faster hot water delivery in your home, we’re here to provide quality hot water heater installation services. From choosing your system to removing and disposing of your old water heater, you can count on our expert staff for a convenient and reliable solution.

What we can offer

    Signs Your Water Heater Is Damaged


    A Leaky Tank

    If you notice that your water heater is leaking, you could be experiencing loose pipes or a failed valve. These are common malfunctions and can be easily repaired. However, any repair that’s left unchecked could result in considerable water damage in your home.


    No Hot Water

    If you notice your water just isn’t getting as hot as it’s supposed to, it may be time for a water heater replacement.


    Scorching Hot Water

    When a water heater thermostat is broken, the result can be water that is way too hot and thus unbearable to enjoy. This is a common problem that can usually be fixed with a new thermostat.


    Old Age

    If you have received your return of investment, it is time to change and replace. This is especially true for those units that have gone without proper maintenance or repairs when needed, it’s time to start considering replacement services.